First Day of School!

Good morning!
My little girls were up at at ‘em early this morning for their first day of school! School being back in session is always bittersweet, but I welcome it for sure. It wasn’t light enough for awesome photos before they got on the bus, but I did get a few. Looking forward to getting better quality ones when they get home this afternoon =)



My oldest isn’t as interested in photos as my 5 year old ;)


Here’s a close up of what the Back to School Prints look like. I had mine printed as an 8×10 photo at Walgreens (better to spend $2 with their 40% off coupon than waste a ton of my own ink, lol) Also, for those who have purchased these from me but haven’t used them yet – if you want to use a frame I recommend leaving the glass off of it so there won’t be as much of a glare in your photo =)


Wish you had gotten one of these made but your little one has already started? That’s ok! Here’s an example of how these can be reworded to accommodate!


You can order your own from my website. Please be sure to note if you want the wording changed though =) Orders are still going out within 24 hours!

Hope you all have a fabulous Monday!

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