Tutorial: Facebook Timeline Cover with Photos

Ah, another tutorial, Yay! Lots of requests lately from clients that want use these timeline covers, so here is a generic tutorial anyone can use that you do not need a specific program for. Let’s get started, shall we?

(For those wanting the exact width the photos need to be when using my covers, it will vary depending what style you order – but if you want one like shown below (available in all themes, just ask!) the side photos should be approx 225 pixels and the middle approx 320 pixels, leaving a little room for the white border that goes around them.)

First, go to Pixlr.com and click on “Open Pixlr Express”. It’s gonna look like this after you click that:


By now you should have saved the timeline cover image I sent you, if you haven’t – do that now. Click the “browse” button, and browse to find the timeline cover. After you find it, it should look like this (only with your cover, of course):


To get the best bang from your fancy new timeline cover, I suggest using the best quality photos you have. Showcase your work like you’re proud of it, because you should be! I don’t sell products anymore so for this I am going to use pictures of 3 of my little ladies (who I am super proud of, hehe). Let’s pretend we are making a cover for a hair accessories shop, k? Click “Adjustment in the lower left hand corner. Then, select “Add Image” from that menu. It will add your image – like this:


See that little circle on the right side of the photo? That is how you make the photo smaller. The top circle rotates the photo. Adjust your photo to the size you want it to be, over the space you want it to be in. If your photos are too wide and overlap, simply open up a new window in Pixlr and crop them a little bit, save them at highest quality, and add them to your timeline again. Once your image is where you want it, in the size you want it, you must click APPLY for the changes to take affect and the photo to stay put. So yeah, click apply, and repeat that process with your other two photos (or however many your timeline cover has space for)


Once those pretty little photos are in place – find your timeline cover again, and place it over those photos. Center it, and in the top left hand corner click “save” and save it in the highest quality it lets ya save it.


That’s it! Pretty simple. If you have a specific photo program you would rather use and want to see if I can do a tutorial on it just let me know, I’ll add it to my todo list! Hope this was helpful, feel free to ask if you have questions.



Tutorial: Watermark your photos

Last week or so I have had alot of clients asking how to add watermarks they are purchasing to their photos (so for those of you who asked, don’t worry, you weren’t the only one!) Answer was, I don’t know! Yikes! Ok, I do know, but I know how to with Photoshop, which most people do not have. So I did some research and am really excited to share this with my followers!

I stumbled across a site called Pixlr. How have I never heard of this site? It is soooo easy, my friends, so easy! No need to pay for, download, and install some program you just need for a few simple steps. The site is very easy to navigate and no account is necessary. You probably won’t need this tutorial once you visit the site but here it is anyways, just in case.

First, go to Pixlr.com and click on “Open Pixlr Express”. It’s gonna look like this after you click that:


Click the “browse” button. Find the photo you want watermarked first (not the watermark just yet). For this demo I am using a personal photo of my very own butterflies ;)


Click on the “adjustments” tab on the far left. This will pop up several more options like so:


Click “Add Image”, like I circled above. Then click “browse” again and find that watermark image ya bought from me (or made yourself, or got wherever else). It will drop it onto your photo. You can slide it wherever you want it, and if you get the circle to be highlighted, it will let you resize the watermark image.


Click the “save” button in the top left, and tada! Your watermarked image is complete! (Note – you should probably save it the highest quality it will let you, I tried saving it around 85 and it was super grainy so I resaved it at 100)


Hope this has been helpful to someone! Thanks for stopping by =)

Tutorial: Installing Facebook Images

Since I sell facebook image sets, I get alot of questions about installing them. Hopefully this tutorial will help those who are not familiar with customizing your facebook page. It looks like alot but it’s very simple, promise!

If you have just established your page, chances are it looks pretty blank – something like this:


To upload your timeline cover – click “add a cover” in the right hand corner. Then click “Upload photo”.


Browse to find your photo from your computer. After selecting it, you will see this screen. If you have purchased your timeline cover from me, you will not need to reposition your image – my facebook covers come already sized to fit perfectly. But if you found it elsewhere you may need to drag it around to get it where you want it.


Save changes, and tada! That’s it for your timeline cover!


Now let’s add your profile photo. Click “Add Profile Picture”,  then select “Upload Photo”.


Again, find your image on your computer, and select it. It will look something like this:


But that’s not quite right, is it? The image is not scaled properly, so let’s fix that!  Hover over your photo, and “edit profile picture” will appear. Select “Edit thumbnail”.FBTut04

Then check the little box next to “Scale to Fit”, you should see it shrink in the box next to that. Save it.


And you’re done! That’s better, right?


Congratulations on successfully installing your new facebook image set. Your page now looks professional and will attract more fans and potential customers! Tada!

I think that was pretty thorough but if you have questions feel free to ask!

Tutorial: How to install iPhone wallpapers

I’ll be sharing some freebie iPhone and iPad wallpapers occasionally, so I wanted to post a quick tutorial on how to download them and install them on your phone (also just about the same process for the iPad)

1. Download the zip file from the link that I provide
2. Extract the files to the location of your choice on your computer
3. Email the file to yourself, easiest is to use the email that goes directly to your phone


4. Save the image to your phone


5. Go to your camera roll/photos, find the image, and set it as your lock screen, home screen, or both!


6. Tada! Enjoy your pretty new wallpaper!