Another big move!

Howdy! Checking in from our newest location – Bryan, Texas! Those who have been following me throughout my designing adventure know that we have moved quite a bit in the last few years. Texas – to North Carolina – back to Texas – back to North Carolina – then to Washington – and back to Texas! We have spent the last year in San Antonio, but last week my girls and I relocated to Bryan, Texas. If all goes as planned (that’s a funny joke – when does that ever happen? Ha!) we should be here for at least 3 years. We shall see!

I’ll be utilizing this blog more often, and also as somewhat of a personal blog. I’ve combined my party shop with my design shop – to make things easier to keep up with for myself, and now I am sort of combining my personal blog with this blog. I have big goals for this site, and this change is geared to help me reach them without being overwhelmed with maintaining multiple sites as I had in the past. (Just one site is a lot of work – not sure what I was thinking when I thought I could handle several of them!)

Here are a few photos from moving day!

And here are a few from my new place. It’s my first place – ever – to be the only adult on the lease. Those who have followed me know some of my struggles the last few years – and what a big deal that is for me! It’s not as fancy as my last couple of places, but that’s ok. It’s MINE and I love it!


And here are my sweet little girls – on the left was the last photo taken in our old place, and the right is at Bucee’s on the way to our new home!


I’ve reopened the storefront, and am accepting orders! Have you seen how pretty it is?


I figured considering our recent move, it was appropriate to get some new relocation related announcements in the shop! Here are the newest additions, linked for your convenience!

Moving Announcement

Moving Announcement

Moving Announcement

Moving Announcement

And of course my older designs are still available as well!

Moving Announcement Moving Announcement
Moving Announcement Moving Announcement
From now through August 15th, you can save 40% on your purchase of $10 or more with code
That’s it for now – I’ll be back tomorrow with some more updates! Thanks for stopping by!

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